Large & Regional Bank Solutions

We partnered to build LoanWatch, an innovative Asset Based Lending (ABL) solution used by some of the world’s largest institutions. It centralizes and automates a process that has traditionally relied on expensive manual processes that simply didn’t scale. Below are just a few of the benefits of this solution:

Solutions for Small Community Banks

Many smaller banks are running their businesses from spreadsheets or relying on service providers (e.g. loan servicing companies) that run their business from spreadsheets.

MPH has a program for small community banks to convert their spreadsheets into modern applications. We’re focusing initially on loan origination, loan servicing, and collections. These modern apps deliver the following benefits.

Automation: Triggers automated actions (e.g. email, text, etc.) based on activity or aging

Powerful Key Metrics (KPIs) and Reporting

Tickler lists for follow-up

AI integration so you can chat with your data, asking for anything you might want to know

This is a very low-cost solution tailored for your needs. We’ll even import your data to get you started. You’ll get an ROI within 3-months of using it. If you are interested in this program, schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss your needs and our solution.

Our Process

Our team of expert designers and developers work hand-in-hand to bring your project to life, ensuring every detail meets your specific requirement

US Based


We hire, train, mentor, guide, and manage your team using proven methods that deliver superior results.

Product Leadership

If you would like our involvement, we can help you with all aspects of product definition, e.g. market requirements document, and Product requirements document.

Executive Advice

We’ve been through it before. One of our own companies launched a successful IPO. Another was acquired by Microsoft.

Philippine Based

Product Design

Your designer will work with and learn from our expert designer who has designed web and mobile applications for a number of leading companies including Microsoft.

Product Development

Our head of engineering will hire, train, mentor, guide, and manage your software development team, turning them into a highly efficient team that delivers exceptional software, on time and on budget.

Quality Assurance

We’ll hire and train a QA team that will ensure that your products are extremely well-tested. Using a combination of manual and automated (Selenium) tools, your QA team will test everything.

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