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AI is transforming every industry and banking is no exception. According to American Banker 43% of banks polled indicated that AI was a top spending priority in 2024. Banks are brainstorming how they can solve painful problems with AI to drive growth and reduce costs.

MPH International combines expertise in building AI-Native software for some of the largest money-center banks, FinTech and tech companies like Microsoft. Microsoft acquired one of our companies and we are now building AI-powered apps for them.

Our expertise in banking is unrivaled. We’ve build innovative solutions for some of the largest money center banks as well as regional banks. We’re now working on scalable and cost-effective solutions for community banks.

Read our article about how AI can address some of the most critical challenges facing banks today, including margin rate compression, CRE losses, and more. Schedule a meeting with our CEO to discuss our mental models for understanding what AI can do for banking and hear about some of our banking solutions.

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Large & Regional Bank Solutions

We partnered to build LoanWatch, an innovative Asset Based Lending (ABL) solution used by some of the world’s largest institutions. It centralizes and automates a process that has traditionally relied on expensive manual processes that simply didn’t scale. Below are just a few of the benefits of this solution:

Fast On-ramping Clients (Manually or Imported)

Automated Loading of Collateral

Custom Calculation Ordering & Exceptions

Powerful Reporting

LoanWatch has the powerful features and API access to win over the largest money-center banks. It also brings big bank functionality at a scale and price that works for regional banks.

Coming Soon: Direct PDF Import into LoanWatch

Coming Soon Direct PDF Import
Mike Hogan

Would you like to schedule a demonstration of the LoanWatch application and see how it can revolutionize your ABL business?

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In addition to LoanWatch, MPH has experience building the following solutions for large regional banks (although these were mainframe applications):

Icon origin

Loan Origination

Icon collections

Loan Servicing & Collection


Auto Loan Decisioning

Commercial Banking

Cash Management

Equipment Finance

Wires, ACH, Checking

Regulatory (GLBA, Reg E, Reg P)

Icon of warehouse

Data Warehousing

Icon collections

And more…

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Solutions for Small Community Banks

Many smaller banks are running their businesses from spreadsheets or relying on service providers (e.g. loan servicing companies) that run their business from spreadsheets.

MPH has a program for small community banks to convert their spreadsheets into modern applications. We’re focusing initially on loan origination, loan servicing, and collections. These modern apps deliver the following benefits.

Automation: Triggers automated actions (e.g. email, text, etc.) based on activity or aging

Powerful Key Metrics (KPIs) and Reporting

Tickler lists for follow-up

AI integration so you can chat with your data, asking for anything you might want to know

This is a very low-cost solution tailored for your needs. We’ll even import your data to get you started. You’ll get an ROI within 3-months of using it. If you are interested in this program, schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss your needs and our solution.

Custom Banking Solutions

If your company requires a custom software solution, we are experts at designing, building, and running cutting-edge software solutions for the bank industry. A perfect example of a custom solution is the LoanWatch application. We leverage our expertise in banking, software and AI to suggest how we might improve your application. If you need custom software design or development help, schedule a call to discuss your application today.

Let’s talk about AI
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Experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’ve been working with Large Language Models (LLMs) for years now, going back to the original GPT technology. We’ve built a number of applications leveraging generative AI and we have several more in the works.

We created the following mental model about the ways AI can add value. We find that walking through this mental model along with a few examples for each category really helps stimulate ideas with our partners and clients.

If you’re interested in talking about AI and how it can help your business, schedule a 30-minute strategy discussion with our CEO. People who have engaged in these conversations have said it was the best discussion about AI they’ve ever had.

Let’s talk about AI

Solutions for Small Community Banks

Human to AI to Bank
Human to AI to Bank

Solutions for Small Community Banks

Communicate with computers via natural language (spoken, text, etc.)

Human to AI to Human
Human to AI to Human

Enhance Human-to-Human Communication

Enhance human communications, create, personalise, translate, summarise, review, etc.

Human to AI to Goal
Human to AI to Goal

Autonomous Goal-Driven Activity

Auto-GPT: Provide AI with a goal, it figures out and executes the steps to achieve the goal

Human to AI to Data
Human to AI to Data

Data Exploration & Presentation

Ai can discover, combine and analyse disparate data sources and present insights

Our Process

Our team of expert designers and developers work hand-in-hand to bring your project to life, ensuring every detail meets your specific requirement

US Based


We hire, train, mentor, guide, and manage your team using proven methods that deliver superior results.

Product Leadership

If you would like our involvement, we can help you with all aspects of product definition, e.g. market requirements document, and Product requirements document.

Executive Advice

We’ve been through it before. One of our own companies launched a successful IPO. Another was acquired by Microsoft.

Philippine Based

Product Design

Your designer will work with and learn from our expert designer who has designed web and mobile applications for a number of leading companies including Microsoft.

Product Development

Our head of engineering will hire, train, mentor, guide, and manage your software development team, turning them into a highly efficient team that delivers exceptional software, on time and on budget.

Quality Assurance

We’ll hire and train a QA team that will ensure that your products are extremely well-tested. Using a combination of manual and automated (Selenium) tools, your QA team will test everything.

Customer Testimonial

Jeff Carlson

“As President of LoanWatch, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with MPH International, and I must say, their team has consistently exceeded our expectations. My journey with MPH began at my previous company, which successfully went through an acquisition. There, MPH International’s expertise played a pivotal role in our success. Now, at LoanWatch, our experience with them has been even more remarkable.

Our clientele comprises some of the largest money-center banks, known for their stringent demands in security, scalability, and architecture. MPH International has impressively met and surpassed these high standards, demonstrating exceptional proficiency and reliability in every aspect. Mike, Jon, and the entire team at MPH are not just service providers; they are entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the industry. Their value-add extends far beyond just designing, building, and maintaining superior products. They have been instrumental in shaping our strategy, enhancing our marketing efforts, boosting sales, and much more.

Their profound experience in the banking sector sets them apart, making them more than just a service provider – they are true partners in every sense. The level of commitment and expertise they bring to the table is unparalleled. I cannot recommend MPH International highly enough. In fact, if I were ever to start a software company, they would undoubtedly be my first phone call. MPH International is a rare gem in the industry, and their partnership is invaluable.”

Jeff Carlson - Loan Watch

How Can We Help?

With deep expertise in banking, we know your pain. Because of this, we can quickly understand and address your business and information challenges. With a simple conversation, we can grasp your needs, turn them into software designs, and get your solution built quickly and cost-effectively.

Our expertise in software development and AI makes us the perfect partner to bring your bank’s business processes into the 21st century with AI-native capabilities that will make your peers jealous.

Schedule a conversation with our CEO about AI in banking and let’s see how we can help you navigate these trying times.

Let’s talk about AI
Mike Hogan

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