Our Hooli Family

With a global footprint and a heart deeply rooted in the Philippines, MPH, a US-based brand, extends our legacy to our Phililippine-based company named Hooli Software. Our commitment to excellence transcends borders, blending American expertise with the rich tapestry of Philippine culture. Together, we embark on a journey fueled by innovation, embracing the spirit of unity and crafting a unique story where professionalism meets heartfelt dedication, resulting in an unmatched customer experience that resonates on both local and global scales.

Our Team

Mike P Hogan Photo

Mike Hogan

Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Indick Photo

Jon Indick

Chief Technology Officer
Rod Paulino Photo

Rod Paulino

Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Manaog Photo

Michael Manaog

Product Owner
Roderica Jill Santos Photo

Roderica Santos

Product Owner
Maria Talavera Photo

Maria Talavera

Special Projects Owner
John Michael Sales Photo

John Michael Sales

Lead WordPress Developer
Sharie Jean Photo

Sharie Jean Chavez

Lead Customer Relations Manager
Cristin Pablan Photo

Cristina Pabalan

Lead Customer Relations Manager
Christine Simbol

Christine Simbol

Product Marketing Manager
Shannia Santos photo

Richelle Malapit

Lead Technical Designer
Charie Purisima

Charie Purisima

Lead Quality Assurance Analyst
Alora Nito Photo

Alora Nito

Technical Designer
RJ Requiez Photo

RJ Requiez

Technical Designer
Ash Gallos

Ash Gallos

Video Production Manager
MPH International

Joshua Ilag

Customer Success Manager
Shannia Santos photo

Shannia Santos

Quality Assurance Analyst
Hannah Merida

Hannah Merida

Quality Assurance Analyst
Gleeselle Perez

Gleeselle Perez

Quality Assurance Analyst

Our Culture


Unleashing innovation through collaboration, our company hosts electrifying Hackathons that spark creativity and unite brilliant minds. Embrace the pulse-pounding excitement of these events as passionate teams ignite inventive ideas, forging a future where technology meets boundless possibilities. Join us in a dynamic space where passion, expertise, and relentless determination converge, driving the creation of groundbreaking solutions that change the world. Experience the thrill of innovation and the power of collective genius in our vibrant hackathon environment.

Local and Overseas Conferences

Embark on a journey of professional growth and global connection with MPH's commitment to empowering employees through local and international conferences. Feel the heartbeat of innovation as you immerse yourself in diverse cultures, absorb cutting-edge insights, and forge invaluable connections. Elevate your expertise while creating lifelong memories, embracing a world of learning that not only fuels career development but also enriches the soul. Join us in exploring the transformative power of knowledge and the boundless horizons of global collaboration.

Year End Party

At MPH, fostering a vibrant work culture goes hand in hand with professional success. From lively parties to engaging meetups, we're dedicated to creating an environment where camaraderie thrives. Dive into moments of laughter, shared experiences, and meaningful connections that not only nurture team spirit but also amplify productivity. Join us in celebrating the human side of work, where friendships blossom and creativity flourishes, forming the cornerstone of our dynamic and successful team.

Internship Program

At MPH, we believe in shaping tomorrow's leaders through immersive and enriching internship programs. We open our doors to bright minds, providing a nurturing environment where passion meets mentorship and knowledge transforms into real-world skills. Join us on a journey that goes beyond textbooks, where hands-on experience and guidance lay the foundation for aspiring talents to thrive, fostering a bridge between academic brilliance and professional success. Embrace a transformative experience where learning is dynamic, and futures are built.

Brown Bag Sessions

Explore the endless frontier of knowledge with MPH's engaging Brownbag sessions, where learning becomes a captivating journey. We're committed to igniting curiosity and continuous growth, offering a platform where expertise is shared, connections are forged, and minds are expanded. Embrace the intellectual tapestry of our sessions, where passion meets education, fostering an environment where each mind is a valued treasure trove of ideas. Join us on a path of perpetual discovery, where each discussion sparks innovation and fuels the desire for lifelong learning.
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