Turn-Key Software – Your Dedicated Team

A team of software engineers working together

In the digital age, your software isn’t just a part of your business—it is your business. At MPH International, we understand that, and we’ve crafted a turn-key software solution that transforms your vision into a market-leading product. Here’s how we do it:


Turn-Key Software – Your Dedicated Team

MPH International transforms your software vision into reality. Guided by founders with a proven track record of successful exits and an IPO, we build a dedicated team to deliver your market-winning app.


Wireframe Design

Seeing is believing, and with our click-through wireframe designs, you’ll experience your app before it’s even built. This early prototype is perfect for gathering user feedback and making sure we’re on the right track. You can use it to generate early sales and we can turn it into a video for fund-raising and partnership as well.



With the blueprint in hand, our cross-functional team of experts gets to work, building your app with precision and passion. We turn wireframes into a fully functioning apps using our high-velocity product pipeline.


Quality Assurance 

Quality isn’t just a goal; it’s a promise. Our QA process involves both automated and manual testing to ensure your application isn’t just ready but resilient and reliable. Accessibility is standard, making your app available to everyone and protecting you from the risk of ADA lawsuits



Launching your app is just the beginning. We ensure it’s scalable, secure, and ready to meet the demands of your growing user base.


Maintenance and Enhancement 

As your business evolves, so does your software. We’re here to address any issues and add features, allowing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

At the heart of MPH International are founders who are not just entrepreneurs but proven victors in the software arena. With three successful acquisitions (the latest by Microsoft) and an IPO under their belts, they bring invaluable insight and mentorship to the table. It’s like having a built-in guide who’s already navigated the path to success.

Choosing MPH International means partnering with a team that’s walked the walk. We don’t just build software; we build businesses. Let us take your vision and make it a reality. It’s time to lead the digital future, and with MPH International, you’re already there.