What We Do

Our team of expert designers and developers work hand-in hand to bring your project to life, ensuring every detail meets your specific requirement.

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US Based

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You’ll interact with our US-based (Silicon Valley and Pacific Northwest) management team. We hire, train, mentor, guide and manage your team using proven methods that deliver superior results. We bridge the distance and time issues for you, using video conferencing, and a collection of tools that ensure everyone is on the same page. You can engage as much or as little as you wish with your team. We treat your team like family hosting launch banquets, team-building exercises, and much more. They are your team, but we stay actively involved because we are invested in your success.

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Product Leadership

At our core, we are builders of products and companies. If you would like our involvement, we can help you with all aspects of product definition, e.g. market requirements document, and product requirements document. Combining your domain expertise and our process experience is a winning combination. We’ll engage as much or as little as you want. We want our teams and our products to dominate in the marketplace, so we are eager to help. We also have a lot of experience in taking concepts and turning them into winning products.

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Executive Advice

We’ve been through it before. One of our own companies launched a successful IPO. Another was acquired by Microsoft. We have raised angel funding and VC. We can help with advice and resource incorporation, tax-advantaged shared distribution, patents, fund-raising, handling finances, and pretty much everything. We are invested in your success, so we’re happy to help.

Philippines Based

Product Design

Your designer will work with and learn from our expert designer who has designed the web and mobile applications for a number of leading companies including Microsoft. We’ll hire your designer, or design team, to suit your needs. Then we’ll train him/her on our proven method for delivering a wireframed solution that gives you a user’s experience for the actual application before we build it. We can also create stunning logos, PowerPoint templates, Data Sheets, Funding Decks, and much more. We’ll help you deliver stunning design, beautiful products and get the job done!

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Product Development

Our head of engineering will hire, train, mentor, guide and manage your software development team, turning them into a highly efficient team that delivers exceptional software, on time and on budget. We outfit the team with the latest hardware and software tools to achieve maximum efficiency. Our agile process has proven its ability to deliver exceptional products in record time. Ongoing maintenance and enhancement is all automated. We’ll train you on Jira and show you how you can provide feedback during the day, and then we build and refine it while you sleep. Best of all, we manage the time zone issues for you, so can enjoy a 9-5 lifestyle.

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Quality Assurance

We’ll hire and train a QA team that will ensure that your products are extremely well-tested. Using a combination of manual and automated (Selenium) tools, your QA team will test everything. All defects are entered into Jira in a well-structured method that ensures that the development team knows exactly what to build. Using a combination of servers—development, test, and production—and the latest DevOps methodology, we ensure that your software is fully tested.

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