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We are serial entrepreneurs who have founded and built our own software companies. Three of our startups were acquired, the last one by Microsoft. We also took a company public hitting $2.25B in market cap. In short, we've been there done that.

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Why would a team of successful software entrepreneurs get into the business of building a web and mobile apps for others; why wouldn't we just continue building our own software companies?

There are two reasons:


We've built software in the Philippines where we got excellent programming and QA talent at very reasonable prices. At the same time we saw Filipino families broken apart as so many of their youth are forced to leave the country to find economic opportunities elsewhere. We realized that we could help solve this problem by making the Philippines a magnet for software development and startups. Two of the three partners at MPH are Filipino and this was the best way for them to help their country and their people.
MPH-Hooli Software Employees holding their awards given at annual's Year-end Celebration

02 Proven Guides

As successful software entrepreneurs, many people sought our guidance. We were happy to share our hard-earned insight on everything from software development, marketing, business development/partnering, company launch, sales, and more. We often recommend the Philippines as a place for excellent programming talent, reasonable prices, unparalleled company loyalty and dedication, and great people. However, the entrepreneurs found it highly challenging to duplicate our success there. We realized that they didn't know the culture, they didn't have the contacts and brand to attract great engineers, but mostly they didn't have that core team to infect the new hires with the right company culture. We quickly realized that having that core team to build around is critical. Worst of all, building and training the core team makes time and effort. Getting the right tools and processes plus developing a culture of participation instead of blindly following directions...all of this is critical to success, and it doesn't happen overnight. Upon realizing this, it was apparent that we could have to use our team there as the foundation to build teams for others. That is how we "backed into" building software for others.
At the heart of our organization lies a dedicated team of individuals united by their unwavering passion for crafting products that ignite joy and delight in people's lives. We thrive on the challenge of creating experiences that resonate with our users, making them fall in love with our products.
Together, we channel our creativity and expertise to build innovative solutions that leave a lasting impact, forming meaningful connections between our brand and our cherished customers.
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Theory and Practice

Embracing the adage, "Theory vs. practice," we recognize that knowledge transforms in action. While many grasp software development theory, few wield actual experience. Elevate your success odds by collaborating with those who possess the invaluable asset of practical expertise.

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Caveat Porcus (Pig Beware)

In the startup journey, we relate to the ham and egg analogy—where commitment differentiates. We're the invested chickens, offering partnership, advice, and even ownership, but you, the pig, are the one truly committed to the venture's triumph. Acknowledging your role, we're dedicated to supporting your success in every possible way.

Customer-centric Innovation

Our values define who we are and how we work. At MPH, we are guided by our commitment to honesty, accountability, innovation, and teamwork. These values are the foundation of our culture and are reflected in everything we do.
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Accountability is the key to building a strong relationship. 

We know that our clients depend on us to deliver exceptional results. That’s why we make a commitment to being transparent. Honest, and straightforward.
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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at MPH.

We believe in pushing the boundaries and finding new and better ways to help our clients achieve their goals.
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We listen Carefully. 

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach at MPH. We believe that best solutions come from working together, and that’s why we make it a priority to build store relation-ships with our clients.
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Trust is the foundation of any successful business relation-ship. 

That's why integrity is one of our core values at MPH. We believe in treating our clients with respect, honesty, and transparency.

Leading the Way in Intelligent Software Development

Your Dedicated Software Excellence Partner, Transforming Businesses and Connecting Possibilities.
Year End Party 2023 with Mike Hogan and the organizers

US and Philippine Based

MPH thought to build software in the Philippines where we got excellent programming and QA talent at very reasonable prices, that is because to "Pay Back" and also "Give Back."
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Built $2B in Software Company value

Took a company public, hitting $2.25B in market cap.
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Took 12-18 months to build a core team

Built core team with a silicon valley culture and passion for excellence.