MPH International Services

At MPH International, we're dedicated to providing cutting-edge AI applications, website design, and non-coded website solutions to businesses worldwide. Here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with us:


How Clients Work with us

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Turn-Key Software – Your Dedicated Team

MPH International transforms your software vision into reality. Guided by founders with a proven track record of successful exits and an IPO, we build a dedicated team to deliver your market-winning app.

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Staff Augmentation

Looking for expertise that is hard to find and hard to retain? We can help. We place experts into your team to help deliver the application on time and on budget.

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Urgent Projects

If you need something fast—an integration, proof-of-concept, prototype, workflow automation, etc.—we deploy a team to put out your fire and deliver the solution quickly.

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What We Provide

At MPH International, we're dedicated to providing cutting-edge AI applications, website design, and non-coded website solutions to businesses worldwide.

App & Business Insight

You wouldn’t climb Mount Everest without a proven guide, so why would you build a software app and business without a proven guide? Our founders have started and sold successful software companies and taken one public for a total value of more than $2B. Since our success depends on your success, they are eager to advise you along your journey, usually at no cost to clients.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX Design team takes your vision and turns it into beautiful wireframes. These wireframes provide a screen-by-screen walkthrough of the application to ensure that we and you share an identical vision for the product and you know exactly what you’ll get when we build it. These are also helpful for validating product-market fit with prospects. We can even turn them into videos for marketing, sales and fund-raising purposes.

Full-Stack Software Development

Our full-stack software engineers are cross-trained in the latest software tools and methods. Hard to find expertise like Kubernetes, LangChain, Lambda, Golang and more are our standard tools. As creators of Carbonetes open-source cybersecurity tools, our code is secure from inception. Why do major software companies like Microsoft hire us? For our high-velocity, high-quality product pipeline.

Product Management

Your dedicated Product Manager is trained to run the agile process as a scrum master, manage against the timeline, track and update the Project Dashboard that gives you total visibility, and they build product and domain expertise over time. It’s just a matter of time before your Product Manager knows the product better than you.

Quality Assurance

We cross-train our Quality Assurance (QA) team across a variety of test automation tools and processes. Trained as accessibility experts, we make sure everyone can use your app, protecting you from ADA lawsuits. We log everything into Jira which you can access for total visibility. Your dedicated QA engineers make sure they catch issues before your customers find them.


Our DevOps team sets-up the processes to ensure rapid deployment using cutting-edge CI/CD toolchains. They also ensure uptime, optimize performance, integrate security, test backup & recovery systems, and monitor & log all aspects of the deployment and infrastructure. DevOps makes sure code smoothly moves from development to production and that production systems perform well with maximum availability.

AI Experts

We’re early adopters of GenAI going back to GPT-2 and open-source GPT-Neo. We’ve built AI into verticals like banking, oil & gas, social media, supply chain, legal, cybersecurity, SaaSOps, and more. We actively search for problems that AI can solve through innovative solutions. If you want to lead in the GenAI revolution, we’re your perfect partner.