Exploit the Power of AI: How to Find AI Use Cases in Your Own Business!

Ever played with ChatGPT or seen AI answer your search queries? It's exciting, but how can Generative AI (Gen AI) truly benefit your business? This blog post dives deep, providing a framework to identify impactful use cases and equipping you with real-world examples to boost your company's productivity.

Understanding Gen AI's Value Proposition

What makes Gen AI special? It bridges the human-computer communication gap, translating our natural language into a language computers understand, and vice versa. Unlike traditional applications, Gen AI adapts to you – tell it what you need, and it delivers.

Gen AI also enhances human-to-human communication by creating, personalizing, translating, summarizing, and repurposing content across various channels like email, chat, presentations, and documents.

Data exploration and presentation are another forte of Gen AI. It can analyze massive datasets, uncovering hidden patterns and correlations. Imagine predicting machine failure based on subtle vibration patterns, preventing costly downtime!

Armed with these three categories of use cases…

  1. Human-to-Computer Communication
  2. Human-to-Human Communication
  3. Data Exploration and Presentation

…you’ll be able to find use cases in your own business.

Witnessing Gen AI in Action

Software companies are integrating Gen AI to enhance their offerings. Here are some intriguing examples:

  • Human-to-Computer Communication:
    • Search engines like Bing and Google now leverage Gen AI to answer your questions directly, eliminating the need to sift through links.
    • Github Copilot assists developers by writing code based on their prompts.
    • Dream up any image – like a bulldog in a tuxedo on a skateboard on Wall Street – and Bing, Midjourney, or Google Imagen will generate it for you.
    • ChatGPT is a chat interface powered by Gen AI, allowing you to analyze contracts, write proposals, summarize content, and more.
    • One way I like to use AI is when I need to write a document–e.g. blog post, internal discussion document, etc.--I’ll start a Google Doc on my phone and just talk to it, usually while walking or driving. I ramble away with ideas, points, arguments, examples, stories, etc. Then I paste that into an AI chat and ask it to rewrite it in an organized fashion, sometimes giving it the key topics or sections. It does an amazing job.
  • Enhancing Human-to-Human Communication:
    • Google Chirp and Meta SeamlessM4T provide seamless, real-time translation across 100 languages, facilitating international meetings and calls.
    • Zoom's AI Companion generates meeting notes, task lists, and an AI-powered whiteboard, boosting collaboration.
    • Google DuetAI integrates AI into Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, offering translation, image suggestions, editing, rewriting, and more.
  • Data Exploration & Presentation:
    • Leading data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI with Copilot, Tableau Pulse, and Spotfire AI leverage Gen AI to identify correlations, surface trends, and create dynamic dashboards.
    • Google Looker AI empowers you to explore company data, ask questions, and uncover patterns through conversation.

MPH International: Pioneering AI Solutions

At MPH International, we're at the forefront of crafting innovative AI applications:

  • ContractAI: Upload a legal contract, and ContractAI extracts business rules for Asset Based Lending (ABL) data for LoanWatch.io. You can even chat with the AI to ask questions about the contract's content.
  • (Stealth Project): This project tackles the challenge of disparate price sheets by normalizing them. Users can then search and purchase items through text or voice chat on their mobile phones.
  • DeepData: Designed for the oil & gas industry, DeepData empowers completion engineers. Instead of being limited by specific tools, they can simply describe their design requirements, and the AI creates the completion design accordingly.
  • Custom Writing: This solution analyzes your writing style and auto-generates content that mimics your style. It then performs sentiment analysis to ensure the content is free from bias or offensive language.

Conclusion: A World of Possibilities with Gen AI

Equipped with a solid understanding of Gen AI's strengths and real-world examples, you'll be spotting potential use cases everywhere. Let's explore the future of AI together – I'm here to discuss how Gen AI can revolutionize your business!

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