Is AI Reliable Enough to Create an Effective App Design?

Artificial Intelligence's potential to take on technical tasks has been debated over the years. That's because, just like any other machine, AI can malfunction and not produce the best output. The same thing can be said about AI in doing creative work. Design is one of the foundations of web and software development. But can artificial intelligence take over and do the designing to create apps? Let's explore this curiosity-inducing blend of technology and creativity.

AI, Art, and Design

We've witnessed the rise of AI within the past few years, and I don't have to tell you how many or which tasks it can perform now. AI can even do some of them with precision, which causes people to worry that AI can replace them in their jobs one day. A survey report states that 72% of businesses are expected to integrate generative AI. One area of software development they are considering maximizing GenAI for is user interface and experience. AI can be trained to study design algorithms and create interfaces that meet users' wants. This may or may not be a welcome development for designers, but do you think there's truly a reason for them to be threatened?

Creating color policies based solely on user behavior data, for example, is just one of the many applications of AI in the design world. This maintains consistency throughout the whole design, which can be an aspect that some designers tend to overlook. Look at these examples: Runway ML is a standout AI-based design tool that uses machine learning to create original and dynamic images. Another example is the Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning framework, which helps designers create personalized content. These devices demonstrate AI's ability to supplement the creative elements of application building.

Honing Human Designers Through Experience

You can indeed train AI to design, but its capability will be limited to the data it was fed. This is where human designers can thrive. Who knows the human experience more than us, humans ourselves? Experiences shaped the human designers' skills to create the best user interface fellow humans can appreciate. This raises more accurate functionality in the app and leads to a greater user experience.

AI as A Design Aid

Harmony between Artificial Intelligence and human programmers defines the future of app development. AI can help automate mundane tasks, produce preliminary design ideas, and analyze user statistics for informed decisions. However, app design's ideas, creativity, and emotional experience require a human hand.

With everything I mentioned above, does it mean we should completely dismiss AI's design capabilities? The short answer is no. If tools are available to make someone's work efficient, their role in helping people should be carefully considered. AI is a tool that has helped many industries streamline their productivity processes. Design in web development is no different.

Nevertheless, a human designer's leverage is the human experience. We're the ones who understand design that's optimized for our race and that has emotions and appreciation. One thing that you can ponder upon as a designer is how AI can contribute to your productivity. That's because, at the end of the day, an app's effectiveness will still rely on your skills that no AI can perfectly imitate.

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