Revolutionizing Upstream Oil & Gas:
The AI Wave

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining industries globally, and the upstream oil & gas sector is riding this wave of transformation

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In an industry where massive data generation is the norm, oil & gas companies have been pioneers in leveraging technology to mine valuable insights from their data troves. These companies often face challenges due to the compartmentalization of departments like land, geology, drilling, completions, and production. To bridge these gaps, many have embarked on Data Lake initiatives, creating centralized data repositories. Utilizing tools like Spotfire for data visualization and applying machine learning techniques to these data lakes has become a common practice.

However, the advent of Generative AI (Gen-AI) is reshaping this landscape in unprecedented ways, a change still not fully comprehended by many in the industry. Gen-AI's prowess lies in its ability to assimilate public data such as SPE papers, Texas Railroad Commission records, and extensive log data, and then augment this with proprietary data, including that from data lakes. This synergy enables Gen-AI to uncover correlations, insights, and opportunities for optimization autonomously, without relying on domain-specific human expertise.

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A major concern within the industry is the potential for Gen-AI to inadvertently share proprietary insights with competitors, especially when trained on internal data.

Cloud service providers are acutely aware that such breaches could irreparably damage their reputation and future prospects. Given the asymmetry between the costs of training Large Language Models (LLMs) - which run into hundreds of millions - and the relatively lower costs of deploying pre-trained LLMs, companies have options.

They can use public cloud Gen-AI tools with safeguards against data leaks during LLM training, or they can operate these models on-premises. For enhanced security, running LLMs in a regularly refreshed, air-gapped Kubernetes cluster is also a feasible strategy.

The potential applications of Gen-AI in upstream oil & gas are extensive and diverse. Here are a few notable examples:


Field High-Grading

Employing data like downhole logs, seismic readings, and core samples to predict reservoir properties and prioritize drilling in the most productive areas.


Image-Based Rock Typing

Rapid analysis of new cuttings against an existing database of analyzed rocks for quick classification based on observable characteristics.


AI-Driven Completion Design

Utilizing vast datasets on wellbores to optimize design and treatment, enhancing overall efficiency.


Data Analysis through Gen-AI

Excelling at processing large volumes of unstructured data, like drilling logs and production reports, for advanced data-driven decision-making.


Predictive Maintenance with Gen-AI

Analyzing historical maintenance records and real-time sensor data to preemptively identify potential equipment failures, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


Reservoir Modeling for Drilling & Production

Creating accurate models of oil reservoirs using geological and geophysical data, aiding in optimal drilling strategies and maximizing production efficiency.


Gen-AI in Environmental Monitoring

Analyzing diverse datasets for environmental impact assessments, aiding in risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.


Scenario Planning and Decision Support with Gen-AI

Assisting in evaluating financial and operational impacts due to fluctuating oil prices and geopolitical factors.


LWD Technology and AI Guidance:

Enhancing real-time directional drilling with AI for optimized wellbore placement.


Pseudo-Log Creation

Generating synthetic data to reduce scientific costs while maintaining analytical value.

Our expertise in unconventional oil & gas has led to the creation of DeepData, a pioneering software using Gen-AI for designing unconventional completions and generating operational documents. We have a deep understanding of AI's potential in this sector, having worked with Large Language Models (LLMs) since their inception.

We offer a tailored approach to AI integration in oil & gas, ensuring that our solutions are not just technologically advanced but also align perfectly with your business objectives. Let's explore how we can transform your operations with AI. Schedule a conversation with our CEO and embark on a journey to redefine your technological landscape.

Let’s Talk AI in Oil & Gas
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Conferences and Talks

Experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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We’ve been working with Large Language Models (LLMs) for years now, going back to the original GPT technology. We’ve built a number of applications leveraging generative AI and we have several more in the works. We created the following mental model about the ways AI can add value.

We find that walking through this mental model along with a few examples for each category really helps stimulate ideas with our partners and clients. If you’re interested in talking about AI and how it can help your business, schedule a 30-minute strategy discussion with our CEO. People who have engaged in these conversations have said it was the best discussion about AI they’ve ever had.

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Understanding the Value of Generative AI:

AI Bridging communications between human and computer
AI Bridging communications between human and computer

Solutions for Small Community Banks

Communicate with computers via natural language (spoken, text, etc.)

AI Bridging communications between human and another human
AI Bridging communications between human and another human

Enhance Human-to-Human Communication

Enhance human communications, create, personalise, translate, summarise, review, etc.

AI Bridging communications between human and its desired outcomes
AI Bridging communications between human and its desired outcomes

Autonomous Goal-Driven Activity

Auto-GPT: Provide AI with a goal, it figures out and executes the steps to achieve the goal

AI Bridging communications between human and data presentation
AI Bridging communications between human and data presentation

Data Exploration & Presentation

Communicate with computers via natural language (spoken, text, etc.)

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Return on Investment (ROI)

DeepData’s model is simple: Operators pay per well for a 5-year license for the Completion Design module. It includes as many users as you want at no charge. You can even invite your service providers to load data for you. This fee goes on the AFE, so the cost is shared by your NonOps.This cost is quickly dwarfed by your ROI.

The design efficiency alone pays for the license. When you consider that just a few small design wins, such as skipping out of zone segments, reducing proppant in sections with poor rock, and more the return is huge. These are the low-hanging fruit and they alone can give you a 1,500% ROI on your first well. That only addresses the cost side of the equation. Grouping similar rock for more uniform fractures, targeting perf clusters in better rock, these simple and automated actions can result in a huge ROI.

Zero-Risk Guarantee

Our customers regularly tell us that they couldn’t imagine going back to designing wells with a spreadsheet. It’s hard to truly appreciate DeepData until you’ve used it. That’s why we offer a zero-risk guarantee. Use DeepData to design wells for 30-days, and if it isn’t everything we say it is, cancel it and we won’t bill you for the trial. No risk, no worries.
Using DeepData couldn’t be more simple: there’s no software to install, there’s no limit on the number of users, no upfront payment, just sign a MSA and start using it. We provide initial templates for stage design and pump schedules, making it easy to experience the power and ease of the system. Then you can tune our templates or upload your own, and you’ll be designing wells with lower costs and better production in minutes.

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With deep expertise in oil & gas, we know your pain. Because of this, we can quickly understand and address your business and information challenges. With a simple conversation, we can grasp your needs, turn them into software designs, and get your solution built quickly and cost-effectively.

Our expertise in software development and AI makes us the perfect partner to bring your technology stack into the 21st century with AI-native capabilities that will make your peers jealous. Schedule a conversation with our CEO about AI in oil & gas and let’s see how we can help you navigate these trying times.

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